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Stockport is a town and metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester. A town known as Stokeport was first mentioned in records in 1170 and its population would remain under 2,000 until the 18th century, when its silk, cotton and hatting works thrived. Town centre visitors will be familiar with landmarks including the Hat Works Museum, the town hall which Stopfordians know as 'the wedding cake' and the Stockport Viaduct, painted by LS Lowry. The borough also boasts several town and village centres, including the four Heatons, Marple, Reddish, Cheadle, Bramhall and Hazel Grove.

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A McDonald's restaurant in Greater Manchester has had to shut because of a coronavirus outbreak among staff
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StockportOfficers are concerned the Asian man was being 'criminally exploited by others'
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StockportO'Hares in Stockport shut as a 'precautionary measure' after concerns a customer may have had coronavirus
Main road closed as 20 firefighters battle large blaze in derelict house
ReddishFire broke out in empty semi-detached home in Reddish on Sunday night
Man taken to hospital after stabbing at block of flats in Stockport
StockportPolice were called to Conway Towers in Brinnington on Friday night
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We asked readers what they'd bring back to the borough - and some of the answers will take you right back
Staff at Stepping Hill Hospital will be rapidly tested for COVID-19 after 'small number' of positive cases
StockportStockport NHS Foundation Trust said that widespread testing was being done to 'control the spread of the infection'
The lockdown surge in 'extremely dangerous' off-road bikers across Greater Manchester - and what police are doing about it
火箭加速器Riders have damaged public property and caused themselves injury and even death.
Man taken to hospital with serious injuries after 'fight' in Stockport town centre
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火箭加速器The most up to date figures show that cases are still increasing in the city of Manchester and Stockport
'Confusing and devastating': How you are responding to the tightening of lockdown restrictions across Greater Manchester
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Three arrested following report of 'bogus tradesmen' operating in Stockport
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CoronavirusThe latest figures come as Greater Manchester, parts of Lancashire and West Yorkshire were placed under strict new lockdown measures
'I can't not go to work'... the working parents in limbo without childcare following shock Greater Manchester lockdown measures
CoronavirusNew local lockdown rules mean a ban on going into other people's homes - but what does that mean for working parents?
Conservative MP breaks ranks to criticise government over 'blanket approach' to local lockdown across Greater Manchester
CoronavirusHazel Grove MP William Wragg wants to see a 'stronger focus on local data' as the situation progresses
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StockportThe service has been continuing on a four-weekly basis since April because of the number of staff having to self-isolate.
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CoronavirusThe 10 boroughs covered by the restrictions plus is Macclesfield in Greater Manchester and is Altrincham in Cheshire or Greater Manchester?
Concern, caution and confusion on the streets of Stockport as the coronavirus cases spike again
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20-somethings 'treating coronavirus tests like the morning after pill following nights out'
CoronavirusMost parts of Greater Manchester have seen a rise in infections over the past week. Public health officials believe much of that is down to a spike among teenagers and young adults. They've been warned they're 'not immune'
Stepping Hill Hospital says it has 'no plans' to permanently close stroke rehab ward
StockportThe 31-bed ward - part of the hospital’s award winning stroke unit - ceased operating as a specialist facility in March, as bosses moved to ‘radically and rapidly’ reorganise as the coronavirus pandemic took hold.
Three people injured following road collision in Offerton
StockportOne driver is in custody following the incident on Hempshaw Lane
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火箭加速器Numbers in some boroughs have started to creep up
Stockport sees a spike in coronavirus cases over the weekend - bosses admit there's a 'growing concern' over the number of young adults affected
StockportWhile the borough's infection rate continues to be ‘well below’ many other areas there has been a worrying rise in the number of cases in the 18 to 25 age group.
Hunt for man who tried to sexually assault a 14-year-old boy as he walked through an alleyway
Three women were sexually assaulted in the same location last year, police said
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